Friday, October 14, 2011

Blog update

Around this time last year I was busy with decorating the Halloween cookies. There were so many ideas I could not realize at that time and I left them for this year. Unfortunately, this year I was not able to decorate any cookies or cake for this fun holiday because of our house renovation. I cannot even say when it would be all done eventually.
And believe me my fingers itch to decorate some cookies with Royal Icing as this is the ultimate relaxing therapy for me :-) I guess, I have to wait a little bit longer till everything around the house is done.

So here it is what I have made last year, although photos of our home renovation will be even scary as a haunted Halloween house :-) Still cookies and a cake are more fun and definitely taste better  :-)
Have a spooky Halloween!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

На гости при Лулу от Something.../Guest blogging for Something...

Тук съм! Не съм се приключила с блогуването :-)

Но някак си последните два месеца блогът остана на заден план.
Първо лятната ваканция и след това един много амбициозен проект за цялостен ремонт на къщата ни, изместиха приоритети ми.