Thursday, March 14, 2013

За моя син/ For my son's birthday

It has been quit of a challenge to prepare my son's birthday this year.
Recently I started working again and having really limited time, baking and decorating seem quite elaborate to me right now.
You probably have experience it yourself, getting started with baking and caking after a long break. At first I really got panicked as I did not have any clue what to make for school and Alex could not come with any ideas either. It was a spontaneous decision to make smilies cupcakes and party theme cookies for his class-mates. The cupcakes were a huge success and the kids could share the cookies with their families.
Alex's teacher has been worn that Alex's mum makes each year an impressive treats for his birthday so she was quite eager to see it for herself. I guess I have not made it easier for myself and probably to the end of school I will be expected to come up with creative and original treats :-)
So here are the cupcakes and cookies I have made this year for school.

Приготовленията за този рожден ден на Алекс си бяха голямо предизвикателство тази година.
Наскоро започнах работа отново и разполагайки с ограничено време, печенето и декориране на торти ми се вижда сега доста работоемко. Нямах и идея какво да приготвим за училище тази година, Алекс също нямаше ясни желания. В последния момент решихме, че занесем в училище смайлис кексчета и бисквити на тема парти.

This is what I made for the teacher. Unfortunately, the photo is with very bad quality as it has been taken at the very last moment and it is the only photo of the cake.
Това е тортата за учителката. За жалост, снимана в последния момент, снимката е с много лошо качество.

For his birthday party with his friends Alex wanted to have a tiger cake. He took the chance to celebrate without a cake in case I could not make it. And there were some moments when I really have thought I was not able to complete the cake. The cake is not my style but that is what Alex wanted to have.
He loved it! So did his friends!

I hope he grows strong and clever as a tiger and knows to achieve everything what is worth for him self! Go, tiger, go! ♥